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LifeNet, a full-service air medical transport system based throughout Arizona, provides safe and rapid transports by helicopter of critically ill and injured patients. The Willcox-based aircraft is available 24/7/365 and based next door to Northern Cochise Community Hospital, allowing an emergency response time of five minutes. LifeNet has overlapping service areas of coverage in Southeastern Arizona which ensures a helicopter is readily available to serve the needs of the community.

LifeNet's core team is composed of clinical, aviation, maintenance and communications personnel, and includes the best in the air medical industry.


Today, hundreds of thousands of people nationwide are living healthy, active lives, and enjoying time with family and friends because of the high-quality assessment, triage, and treatment they received from LifeNet's flight nurses and flight paramedics. Both are fully qualified and experienced in critical care transport. They are required to have at least three years experience in a hospital critical care/emergency setting or a busy 911 system, in addition to a variety of advanced trauma courses and certifications.


Our pilots are some of the best aviators in the air medical industry. We require higher minimum hours than other operators and our training program goes above federal regulations. Their training includes annual and semi-annual, as well as access to flight training devices and continuous computer-based learning.


Our mechanics are an integral part of the team that ensures our fleet is safe and mission ready at all times. They not only have a wealth of experience in our specific aircraft model, but hold A&P licenses and advanced troubleshooting skills.


LifeNet's communications specialists serve as the front door to our program. They are extensively trained to understand the unique characteristics of the service area and how to best serve our customers' needs as expediently as possible. Their extensive 90-day training program not only includes the technical nuances of an air medical transport, but also the importance of customer service.

LifeNet is owned and operated by Air Methods, the nation's leading provider of air medical transport and the most experienced air medical operator in the industry. Air Methods has built its reputation on a commitment to quality patient care and safety in aviation operations. Air Methods has close to 4,000 employees, and operates 405 aircraft at 300 bases that serve 48 states. Checkout our website at: www.airmethods.com.